Wood Finishing

Here at Browns Restoration & wood finishing we use a wide range of wood finishing techniques to get your furniture looking like new again.

Furniture and wood trim needs a finish in order to prevent damage to the wood from spillages and scuffs, there are many ways to apply a finish and a huge list of finishes that are commonly used. First the item must be stripped of its existing finish then the wood must be sanded, any imperfections will show up in the final finish, it will then be finished according to the customers preference, here is a list of finishes commonly applied to furniture.

  • Spray finishing (pre-catalysed & waterbourne lacquers) applied using a hvlp spray gun for a flat and flawless finish.
  • Oil finishing (for a softer, more natural looking finish) applied in many layers by hand to produce a soft lustrous finish with great resistance to water.
  • Wax finishing (perfect for items that will not recieve a lot of  wear and tear) traditional paste wax applied by hand and buffed to a sheen, great for antique pine.

We can also match the colour of your existing furniture using stains and pigmented finishes.

This Ercol rocking chair has been stripped back to the bare wood and refinished with danish oil to protect and enhance the beauty of the wood.