Structural Repairs

We carry out a wide range of structural repairs on both modern and antique furniture.

Over the years the joints on furniture can become loose due to repetative strain and changes in humidity, a damp environment can cause the hide glue originally used by cabinetmakers to deteriorate and perish.

Dovetail joints on drawers and mortice and tenon joints on tables and chairs can often get damaged due to general wear and tear over the years, sometimes if a joint has completely broken it must be reconstructed so that it fits snug once again, this involves cutting out a section of the joint and glueing in a replacement piece to make the item structurally sound once again.

repairs and re-glueing work can be carried out according to the customers specifications, the advantage with hide glue is it can be easily knocked apart without damaging the wood which is not the case with modern adhesives. On the other hand, modern adhesives are much more reliable in terms of longevity and ease of use.

If your furniture has suffered from woodworm or rot we offer treatment or replacement of affected sections.

Veneer repairs and inlay repairs can also be undertaken using traditional methods such as hammer veneering.

This Antique oak chair had a badly broken stretcher, a replacement has been made and coloured to match the existing finish.