Furniture Stripping

In order to refinish a piece of furniture or section of wood panelling the existing finish must first be removed, there are many ways to do this such as heavy sanding or using a heat gun and a scraper but this can burn the wood, the most effective method is to use a chemical stripper which breaks down and dissolves the layers of paint/varnish or lacquer allowing it to be easily scraped off. Following the stripping process, the wood must be neautralised in order to remove any residue and chemicals left over from the stripping process that may react with the new finish.

We strip all furniture by hand using a chemical stripper, by using this method we ensure that the delicate veneers on antique furniture are not damaged during the process.

A common method used for stripping furniture is dipping the item in a caustic solution, this method can often dissolve the glue and cause structural damage to your item. By stripping the item by hand we ensure that your item remains structurally sound.

Stripping is especially effective on oak furniture, a lot of period oak is finished using a heavily pigmented dark polish or laquer which hides the beautiful grain of oak, after stripping, the grain is much more prominent and can be brought out further using a natural oil finish or french polish.

Many layers of finish have been stripped from this Victorian pine table before finishing with a paste wax.
This Victorian cupboard has been fully stripped back to reveal the beauty of the pitch pine underneath all those layers of paint.